AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Who needs designers anyway? DATE: 11/22/2005 05:27:00 PM ----- BODY:

I hear people saying that the roll of designers in the web 2.0 era is becoming minor. Web 2.0 as a concept encourages minimal design, emphasizing usability and simplicity, so "who needs those designers anyway?".

SO WRONG! Read my lips: Web 2.0 calls for Sophisticated Open Minded Astonishing Designers (SO MAD!).

It is pretty easy to impress one with tones of colors, sound, moving objects (A.K.A "The flash intro era"), but designing minimalist sites and leaving impact on people demands great skills and sophistication.

>e.g.: iPod - Minimalist, clean, simple design. Just awesome! And no doubt design was a key factor in gaining 70% market share.

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