AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: All you need is love DATE: 12/06/2005 01:06:00 PM ----- BODY:
Now that's the next spice to add to your new business reciept: L-O-V-E In fact, all of the new business strategies speak about emotions. Emotions makes this world go round. And LOVE is the number 1 catalizator for things to happen: You must LOVE what you do. Your employees must LOVE what they do. You must LOVE your employees. Your customers must LOVE you. You must be their LOVEmark. Love = respect. Love=relationship. Love=commitment. Love=caring for your clients to succeed in their business. (Then you can succeed in yours).
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: The new business triangle DATE: 12/05/2005 01:04:00 PM ----- BODY:
I have encountered some great reading lately. This book triangle gives one a new prespective over business in our age. Peters, Godin and Robertson all speak in the same terms. I will discuss those terms in my follwoing posts. And the first one is... BE WOW Be remarkable / create WOW projects - doing things at different way/angle - keep re-inventing and innovating all the time, don't compromise on small changes and improvement. Work hard to exceed expectations. Don't try to immitate your competitors and try to slightly improve what they do. Do it differently! Get wild! Get crazy! Case study in the world of web companies: The Barbarian Group Next time I will discuss emotions.... Take a look at: Purple Cow Re-Imagine Lovemarks Technorati Tags: , ,
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: The organized GTD DATE: 11/30/2005 10:06:00 PM ----- BODY:
If you are familiar with the GTD method you must know the next action to-do list. I have found a problem using this list as all the tasks are piled into one list and personal tasks get involved with work tasks etc. So I tweaked it a little bit and using OneNote I have one page 0f to-do list categorized into: work, personal, sales, administrative. That way, all the to-do's are organized in front of my eyes. It is actually different from the original GTD idea but it works for me! In my next post I will also write about a color code system I applied to those lists. If you're not ye familiar with the GTD system - check out : Technorati: , ,
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Be loyal to yourself DATE: 11/29/2005 01:37:00 PM ----- BODY:
So, you want to really make your next project non-forgetable. But the client's budget is sooooo low... Or maybe, your client's budget is huge, and you have this template you used once, which can really really turn this project to be extremely profitable. Web services companies are facing such dilemmas each day.... NOW HEAR THIS: Every project must be a WOW project (thanks Tom Peters), forget about the low budget. Invest in your customers and see this investment coming back to you. Throw away those %#&%$#! templates. Each client deserves the ultimate attention and has specific needs. Never, but never, get commercial. If you are turning your service into a commodity, expect to end like one....
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: GTD Your way or no way DATE: 11/23/2005 03:28:00 PM ----- BODY:

People are complaining a lot about GTD (Getting Things Done). It seems as if they expected to buy David Allen's book and get all the problems in their life solved. I am fan of GTD and think people just don’t understand the idea. GTD is a concept, a concept with a lot of advices and How-To's, but still a concept! You can have it your way. No, YOU MUST HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Take the basic concepts (such as: do immediately tasks that take less than 2 minutes), adjust them to your needs, explore how other people are getting it done, and construct your own GTD methods. GO!

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-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Who needs designers anyway? DATE: 11/22/2005 05:27:00 PM ----- BODY:

I hear people saying that the roll of designers in the web 2.0 era is becoming minor. Web 2.0 as a concept encourages minimal design, emphasizing usability and simplicity, so "who needs those designers anyway?".

SO WRONG! Read my lips: Web 2.0 calls for Sophisticated Open Minded Astonishing Designers (SO MAD!).

It is pretty easy to impress one with tones of colors, sound, moving objects (A.K.A "The flash intro era"), but designing minimalist sites and leaving impact on people demands great skills and sophistication.

>e.g.: iPod - Minimalist, clean, simple design. Just awesome! And no doubt design was a key factor in gaining 70% market share.

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-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: If you are a business man - do business! DATE: 11/20/2005 03:53:00 PM ----- BODY:
No doubt emotions are very important in everyone's' life. But there comes a time when such emotions (fear, jealousy, anger etc.) interfere with some important issues in life. It happens a lot in the business world. People let their emotions to take over and frequently miss great opportunities. I saw an entrepreneur the lost millions of $$ just because of his ego, one moment before signing a great deal with AOL. So. If you are here to do business act as a business man!!! Next time, if you feel emotions taking over before a business meeting, take a deep breath of fresh air and put those emotions aside. Technorati Tags: //
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Less of this please... DATE: 11/15/2005 02:40:00 PM ----- BODY:
OK. 37Signals is a really cool company. I love their work and I even use Basecamp at my business to communicate with our clients. But, I can't stand still hearing again and again the talk about LESS. LESS paperwork, LESS sofware, LESS developers etc. All of these LESS can be really cool developing sraight forward web apps like writeboard/backpack etc. But try to develop a dating/personals platform without a decent spec and with a single developer dealing with an un-elastic timetable. I agree that a lor of beurocracy should be eliminiated, but when developing big web platforms, LESS is sometimes a MESS!
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: AOL revives Superwoman DATE: 11/15/2005 02:27:00 PM ----- BODY:
AOL has anounced today that it will begin broadcasting massive video content at it's brand new broadband network In2TV. Most of the content will consist of old TV series. Yes, wonder women is back. It's been a long time now that people are talking about the exciting possibilities of TV/Web/VOD but I truly believe that In2TV will face some serious difficulties as it seems that people will not have the patience to sit in front of their monitor and watch a 30 mins' chapter of an old series. While surfing the net, people are at a totally different state of mind than while watching TV. But I still praise AOL for this brave initiative....
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Huge Responsibility DATE: 11/14/2005 02:57:00 PM ----- BODY:
Seth Godin raves about Google Analytics - Google's new service for tracking website preformance. Has anyone thought about the numerous companies that developed such an engine and now have to deal with the new free service from GOOG? Technically, GOOG can develop a really sophisticated website creation tool and then drive 50% of web development firms out of business ... and that's just the beggining... Those huge corporations should have huge responsibility! Don't you think? BTW - This is seth's post
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Can't WOW with all clients DATE: 11/14/2005 02:13:00 PM ----- BODY:
I really appreciate Tom Peters. In his book Re-Imagine! he shouts out some very interesting ideas. Chapter 15 is fascinating. Peter demands from us to do only work that matters, that takes one's breath away. WOW-project in his own words. The point is clear - work hard, create amazing projects for your clients, leave a legacy. Sounds great if you work with P&G or Coca-Cola but.... what if this particular client doesn't have a big enough budget for a WOW-project? Can we then compromise? Or should we leave this client without a suitable solution?
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Sea Change DATE: 11/11/2005 03:43:00 PM ----- BODY:
Well, turns out Mr. Gates is finally realizing this great change. I stumbled upon this article that exposes a turbulent email from Bill to his top engineers at MSFT where he writes about the coming sea change (The original text).
-------- AUTHOR: uzish TITLE: Well - here it is DATE: 11/02/2005 02:46:00 PM ----- BODY:
After so much time... here is my new blog. I am going to re-imagine different thoughts about the internet, web2.0, art, graphic design and evertything else.